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A recent report shows that online gambling is a major pastime in Sweden - so much so that over a quarter of the country’s gamblers take this pastime online and gamble on the internet.  The study was conducted by the Research Institute of Industrial Economics, a group based in Stockholm, Sweden, and shows that with an online share of 26% of the total gambling market, Sweden’s numbers are the highest in Europe.


The research group presented the findings of the research to the government this week, and also added a note that the government would be wise to recognize that online gambling plays an important part in the economic success of the country. 


Sweden has a love-hate relationship with gambling over the internet. Although it is clear from the report that so many gamblers take to the internet for their gambling enjoyment, the government is actually one of the most criticized by the European Union when it comes to restricting online gambling activities.  The Swedish government maintains a full monopoly on all gambling in the country, something that has been regularly slammed by the European Union, which calls for Sweden to open its market to competition and allow foreign operators to participate.


Ironically, Sweden will be hosting the third annual i-gaming forum next month, with the intention of examining how taxation and regulations impact the economy of those countries that make up Scandinavia.


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